Ting Ting, the Girl Who Saved China: Beyond the Book Activity and Book Tour

The Chinese New Year, the Lunar New Year of the Spring Festival is a one big important event for the Chinese as they celebrate the beginning of a new year. This is usually celebrated on the month of February. Let’s get to know more about the beginning of the Chinese New Year in this story, Ting Ting the Girl Who Saved China in partnership with The Children’s Book Review and Ryan O’Connor.

The Book

Ting Ting, the Girl Who Saved China

Written by Ryan O’Connor

Illustrated by Xiang Minghui

Ages 6-10 | 48 Pages

Publisher: Xlibris Corp | ISBN-13 : 978-1664153189


Li Li Wang is enjoying Chinese New Year with her family when her grandparents ask her to sit with them. Before giving Li Li her holiday gift, they tell her the story of Ting Ting Wang, Li Li’s ancestor, and how she became a Chinese hero. Li Li carefully listens as her grandparents tell her about Ting Ting, the monster Nian, and the origin of the Chinese New Year celebration. Ting Ting, the Girl Who Saved China provides insight into China’s biggest holiday, gives a sense of its culture, and shows that girls are just as strong and brave as boys.




Recycled Wind Chimes

In this activity we will be recycling tin cans and design them to become wind chimes. It would be easy for kids to do but they will need help in drilling holes on the tin cans.


4 empty tin cans, floral wires or yarn, red acrylic paint, paintbrush, red craft papers, drill bit


Clean 4 empty tin cans and drill a hole in the middle bottom of each can.

Paint the cans with the red acrylic paint. You can also make some designs on the cans. Let the paint dry.

Print out the activity sheet below and cut it out.

With the opening of the tin cans facing down, thread 15-inch strings from the top to the bottom of the can. Leave a few inches of the string to hang from the bottom of the can. Carefully tie a dragon cutout at the bottom end of the string. And tie a knot at the other end. (See picture for reference)

Repeat with the other tin cans. When all is done, the wind chime is now ready to hang.

Letter writing Activity

Writing and sending New Year greetings would be a thoughtful gift to give to those we love especially those who are far from us.

Print out this activity from the link below.

Let the children write simple Happy New Year wishes, greetings or messages to their parents, grandparents, relatives, or friends.

The children can color the picture as they wish and can add more designs to the activity.

This activity intends to teach children the concept of courage or bravery and develop awareness of this concept in their own simple acts or attitudes of courageousness in everyday situations at home, and in school.

Print out the activity from the link below:

After reading a story about courage or braveness such as Ting Ting, the Girl Who Saved China, you can have a little discussion how the character in the story showed his/her bravery. You can present some situations and ask them how they would react to it.

Then after the discussion, let the children pause for a moment and think of a situation in their daily lives at home or in school where they had to overcome their fears and weaknesses. On the activity paper, let the children write down how they can be brave in that given situation.

The author

More about Ryan and his books, visit his website at: www.ryanoconnorauthor.com.

Ryan O’Connor is a literature and writing teacher in Shanghai, China, and the author of the children’s book series Bobby the Bear. With a background in sports journalism and education, Ryan has turned his focus to writing children’s books. Through unique characters, Ryan provides children with moral and life lessons. Ryan has earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism and a master’s degree in education; he has also won numerous awards for sports writing. Ryan is a native of Pittsburg, Kansas, but has spent the past ten years living in Shanghai.

Enter for a chance to win a set of books by Ryan O’Connor, including Ting Ting, the Girl Who Saved China!

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One (1) grand prize winner receives:

  • A copy Ting Ting, the Girl Who Saved China
  • A Ting Ting Bookmark
  • A copy of Bobby the Bear and His Missing Dinner
  • A copy of Merry Christmas, Bobby the Bear

Two (2) winners receive:

  • A copy Ting Ting, the Girl Who Saved China

The giveaway begins June 1, 2021, at 12:01 A.M. MT and ends June 30, 2021, at 11:59 P.M. MT.

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